Glos Lib Dems Declare a Cost of Living Emergency

21 Jul 2022

With inflation predicted to hit 11%, energy prices doubling in two years and going up again in October, and families hit by the highest tax burden since the 1940s, Gloucestershire’s residents are facing an unprecedented cost of living crisis.

In response, Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats have declared a cost of living emergency and are bringing a motion to Full Council on 6 July to highlight the difficult choices that families are having to make as a result, such as missing meals and whether to heat or eat.

In the last six years, reliance on foodbanks in England has doubled, according to data from the Trussell Trust.

The motion, being proposed by Councillors Paul Hodgkinson and Linda Cohen, is calling for immediate action from the Government, including a temporary cut to VAT to save the average household £600 a year, making better use of the windfall tax on energy companies and enshrining the right to food in law. 

Commenting ahead of the meeting, Cllr Paul Hodgkinson said:

“We have all seen the headlines of the Cost of Living Crisis, and the Conservative Government’s historic tax hikes have only exacerbated the problem for those already struggling. 

“More families than ever are having to make impossible decisions between heating and eating and millions across in the United Kingdom are not getting enough to eat because of low finances.

“In the 21st Century how can anyone think this is acceptable? There are actions that this Government can make today to alleviate this issue, including enshrining the human right to food within British law to inform all policy decisions. 

“I hope and trust that all County Councillors will back these important measures.”